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A Dedicated Network of Marine and Water Tourism Professionals

Gabungan Pengusaha Wisata Tirta dan Bahari Bali (Gahawisri Bali) is proud to be a strong and united association of marine and water tourism operators in Bali. Our team comprises 293 active members who share a passion for providing exceptional experiences to our clients while upholding the highest standards of safety, professionalism, and environmental responsibility.

Diverse Expertise and Experience

Our members represent a wide range of marine and water tourism businesses, including: Diving and snorkeling operators, Water sports operators, Rafting operators, Cruise operators, Liveaboard operators, Surfing operators.Our members are united by a shared commitment to excellence in everything they do. We are dedicated to Providing exceptional customer service, Upholding the highest safety standards and operate in a sustainable manner.

Join Our Team

If you are a marine or water tourism operator in Bali who shares our values and commitment to excellence, we invite you to join our association. Together, we can make a positive impact on the future of tourism in Bali.

Our Values


We are committed to preserving the delicate balance of Bali's marine environment for generations to come. We advocate for responsible tourism practices and actively participate in conservation efforts


We believe in supporting local communities and fostering a sense of shared responsibility for the well-being of Bali's marine ecosystem


We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and exceeding your expectations. Our members continuously strive for the highest standards of safety, professionalism, and guest satisfaction

Vision & Mission: Gabungan Pengusaha Wisata Tirta dan Bahari Bali (Gahawisri Bali) is committed to the sustainable and responsible development of marine and water tourism in Bali. Our vision and mission guide our actions and inspire us to create memorable experiences for our clients and contribute to the prosperity of the local community.


  • Collaborate with the government in developing marine and water tourism in Bali: We work closely with local authorities to promote the responsible growth of the sector, aligned with national tourism development policies.
  • Strengthen the business resilience of marine tourism operators in Bali: We offer support and resources to help our members navigate the challenges and opportunities of the industry, ensuring their long-term competitiveness and sustainability.
  • Unite marine tourism operators in Bali to enhance service quality and quantity: We promote collaboration among our members to elevate service standards, invest in professional development, and improve management practices.
  • Contribute to community well-being: We strive to create positive impacts on the local community by generating employment opportunities, promoting education, and preserving the environment.
  • Promote activities that support marine tourism in Bali: We support research and development initiatives, training, and other activities that contribute to the sustainable growth of the sector.
  • Maximize the potential of the seabed throughout Bali: We work to ensure responsible and sustainable use of marine resources, preserving the natural beauty and biodiversity of the region.

Vision: To be the leading association for marine and water tourism in Bali, recognized for our excellence, commitment to sustainability, and dedication to community well-being.

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